Complaint: Quick I googled how to order birth certificate in Texas and the first search that popped up was GovFilingOnline. Thinking it was legit, I clicked on completed the online application. It looked very legit and after completion of the application it requested payment information. I used my Cash App credit card and the cost was $59.95. I continued the transaction and completed it. Afterwards I get a confirmation email from stating my confirmation # and that the State fee for birth certificates in Texas was $22-$27. This is when I got suspicious. Why had they just charged me $59.95 if that was the case. I went back to their site to look for a phone number to call but found none. They had a short form with a couple questions if you needed to contact them so I completed the form asking why I was being charged $59.95 if the State fee for Standard Birth certificate was &22-$27. I asked if they were legit and if the Birth Cert I would be receiving was legit. Still waiting for response. Went to google reviews on GovFilingOnline and this is when I saw the report on your website Ripoff Scamss about this company. My stomach sunk because I knew them I had been scammed ripped-off and taken advantage of. Why this company is still allowed to even be online is beyond me. So hopefully this report will help someone b4 it happens to them. Iu2019ve lost $60 just like that and I donu2019t think Cash App is going to refund me. If not, I will have to stop using their card and close my account and stick with my bank CC where I know Iu2019m covered for fraudulent charges. Thank you

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