This company contacted me saying that someone in my company had cancelled our contract and that we owed 989.00.for our online directory. These people sound professional and speak English clearly.I asked them to clarify what their business was and he wasn’t very clear. He had all our business info and knew what type of business we ran.he then stuck me on the phone with another guy who read to me my info. saying they were recording our conversation.They tried to tell me that they were in charge of our advertising, which I knew to be incorrect, but I found myself unsure and confused as to why they were contacting us. I started to feel uneasy.Two days later I received a package in the mail with many glossy brochures along with a two-page receipt for their services. It should be noted their receipt has the logo on it. I knew instantly it was nothing we had subscribed too. Then my partner received a call from them saying we needed to pay and that I had agreed to their service and played him the recording of me agreeing to the information about our business. This time he said that we requested their service and that they were in charge of our website. We stated that we didn’t want their service and pointed out that originally they said we had cancelled it.They didn’t seem to even care if they had a bunch of outright discrepancies in their story they just wanted us to pay. Now they are harassing us which has caused me stress and anxiety when answering the phone. Luckily I did not pay anything out.