Me and my boyfriend had been together for almost a year when I got pregnant with our son who is now 1 1/2 years old. I got pregnant right before he left to work in Louisiana and once he got settled there I was supposed to move with him. At this time we were unaware that I was pregnant. He couldn’t handle the distance and broke up with me. A week later he came home and went to Graces birthday party. He was texting me the entire time he was there and the next morning came to my house to talk about things. As soon as he showed up we were inseparable for the next several weeks during which we found out I was pregnant. He was so excited to be a dad. Things were good for a while but he eventually starting messing around. We broke up and he started dating someone else for a couple weeks then they broke up after that we again were inseparable. || After a week or two his brother’s fiancé died in a car accident. I asked if he wanted me to go to funeral with him and he said yes. Family was supposed to go early so I told him I would meet him there later. When I showed up my boyfriend was not there and I was getting all sorts of looks from the family I asked what was going on and they told me my boyfriend was there with another girl. This is where it began. She showed up with my boyfriend and a stupid ass grin on her face. I kept my cool during the funeral for the sake of the family and of course didn’t want to ruin their first date!! (Really a first date a funeral!) They dated for a month but he never stopped seeing me and continued to go to all of my doctors appointments for the baby. After about a month of him pretty much seeing us both I told him he either needed to break up w her or let me have my space so I could get over him before giving birth to my son. I told him this on a Thursday and said you have till Monday to figure it out and he could spend the weekend with whomever to help him decide. || He broke up with her but for some reason I felt as though it wasn’t over, which it wasn’t. She continued to blow his phone up and stalk him until he gave in she would constantly call and text him she took her car to the tire shop he was working at and then would post it on Facebook for me to see. I would flip out and every time he’d say that he was done.  This continued until my son was three weeks old and I caught him at her house. It was 8am so I knew he had spent the night there I rang the doorbell and her mom answered I politely asked to have my boyfriend. She looked at me confused and Grace peeked her head around the door I asked again (this time not so politely) for my boyfriend who came to the door with tears in his eyes. He finally realized she wasn’t worth loosing me and cut her off. A month later she texted him saying they needed to talk.  I knew then that she was pregnant. He asked why and she replied that she was two weeks late. Apparently she had lied about being on birth control. At first he denied that the baby could be his until I finally got it out that it could be but because of how many people she was sleeping with at the time, we weren’t sure. It was a long 12 months before that paternity test came back and sure enough it was his. || Throughout her pregnancy and even now she is constantly starting problems with me and my fiancé. Putting on Facebook that he’s a dead beat then calling him begging him to come see her and the baby. She even went as far as to tell other people they were still sleeping together. Just recently I have found out that this is not the first home she has tried to wreck. I know of at least 3 other girls whose husbands and or boyfriends she has slept with. Spread the word. This bitch will do whatever it takes to steal your man!