My friend was hacked on messenger. I did not know this at the time that I contacted her on messenger to see how she was doing after surgery. The following conversation was not my friend.She asked if I knew about the new Gradient Grant Bonus program. I said no what is it. She explained how she applied for it and received $100,000. And that jt is new and i can apply too. She sent me a link to click on to apply. I clicked on it and I received lessening from Agent James Nicholas Sr. Of the Federal Grant Program. I was sucked into this scam of buying iTune cards , forwarding the numbers to this agent and i would receive $100,000.00. I asked many questions but it seemed legit because my friend,(who was an impersonator) carried on messenger conversations with me . I truly thought it was my friend and it worked for her so i thought it was legit.These people stole $1300.00 from me and they do have my DOB.