The first call was a lady, from Graham & Cohen, she said I had an outstanding payday loan from Buckeye Check Cashing. She asked how I would like to take care of it. I said I don’t recall not paying a debt. She said, she would transfer the call to the legal department. I spoke to Nick Anderson. He said if I didn’t make a good faith effort to pay it, a server would come to my door on Wednesday. He said they were in Buffalo, NY. The numbers they use are 614-382-8894 and 844-669-3643. He had the last 4 digits of my social security number. He said I owed $1150, but he would settle for two payments equaling $750, or a one time payment of $567.00. I said I don’t have it. He said I would have to pay at least $100 by Friday, or he would take further action with the court. He emailed me from [email protected]