Complaint: Bob Traute is the Brown-Noser-in-Chief at Granberry Supply Corp d/b/a/ Hosepower USA. Unfortunately, this guy is a better liar and a*s-kisser than he is anything else. In fact, it is difficult to determine where Bobs head ends and where Mr. Granberrys a*s begins. Thats just how far up the butt of the companys owner Bob has inserted his cranium. Furthermore, Mr. Traute, who is purportedly a born-again Christian, must have forgotten those pesky Ten Commandments. Particularly, the ninth one Thall Shalt Not Lie, because it is the only skill he has mastered. Beware to all who encounter this detestable turd! He is a two-faced liar and a “Sunday Morning Christian””. Mr. Traute has the I.Q. of a hammer

Tags: Employers

Address: but even a well-connected moron can prosper with the right connections. BEWARE of this SCUMBAG! If you are employed at HOSEPOWER USA/GRANBERRY SUPPLY

Website: 3327 N 29th Ave Phoenix, Arizona United States of America

Phone: and have a modicum of integrity