I attended a seminar where my wife and I were told that you had 12 getaway weeks that you could use at any time. The price range was supposed to be $199 for one bedroom for one week and $100 additional for an extra bedroom for the week. I was also told that you could stay in a cabin in Tennessee for $184 for one week. When I tried to book dates for those promised resorts I was told that the price would be much higher than quoted at the seminar and there was no availability at any of the cabins and I would have to be put on a waiting list and pay more than double the quoted price. I called and asked for a cancellation before 10 days was up and I received a call back from a company representative stating that she would make it right, and it would not happen again. It has now happened 4 more times, with not a single use of any of the supposed 12 getaway weeks. Now they are saying it is too late to cancel the membership. I have called numerous times and received no help. I have even offered to let them keep the money I have already invested in this program if they will release me from my conttract. I am an honest man, who pays my debt but I feel I have been ripped off. If anyone knows more or can help please email me at (((Redacted))). Thanks in advance FCopley

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