Grand Incentives, Coast to Coast, Cheap Trips, Grand Getaways, Dream Vacation Passport Should have taken loss years ago! Initial purchase my fault.Then continual harassment for dues! No money,many calls, feels abusive to this old woman! Internet | When will I ever learn about phone sales of vacation opportunities? This purchase was made several years ago when we were quite well-off, and thought we would be traveling. Almost immediately, health changed for both of us. The phone calls began coming, and at first – of course – we had an “investment”! If one looked at their records, we look terrible…….like deadbeats…..but besides health and finance, these were and are factors to me. | 1. The names are changed, but the song is the same. At least four different company names, each telling us that the other names are now defunct and were terrible companies. We had a call from the very same man – Elie – two weeks apart, telling us that he had changed companies…………wrong! | 2. All of the calls come from Florida | 3. When I tell them we cannot do this any more, there is this “attitude” that we are idiots if we do not renew and take care of our “investment”. | 4. When I ask if there is a way to recoup our “investment”, the answer is no, unless we pay them our dues! | 5. The condescending attitude, just skirting skillfully what I consider to be verbal abuse, is upsetting! I have become an angry and not very nice customer, and that is not like me! | 6. Now, we have told them that we are letting it all go, and not to call us again, the answer was this: “Oh, well..just don’t answer the phone when you see it is us! ……..Really???? | 7. They have our initial investment. We cannot and will not pay the dues. We don’t want any contact with them or from them. They are glib of tongue, quick with the right answer for them, and upsetting to me beyond belief. Today……just today…..I have a one-month headache, and I can tell you that their very stressful “attack” has increased it! | 8. We will not be traveling! We have lost. They want more. I am finished with them, but face the prospect of more harassment!

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