Complaint: A few years ago my family travel to San Jose Del Cabo, as we have several times for a vacation. Since we visit so often and I’ve it there we considered purchasing property there. We decided to attend a presentation at the Grand Mayan. We did not care about the free breakfast and we offered to pay. They wanted $50.00 to attend this presentation and we should have saw the flags rise but instead we said we would not pay a few for a sales presentation and we began to walk but they waives the fee. We had rented a vehicle and that afternoon drove ourselves to the meeting. Now keep in mind the fee and that we drive ourselves because this is key to my complaint. As usual the sales staff were very nice and as we sat down in a big room with others the hard core sales pitch started. We told them up front we were only looking and we were only gathering information and we would not be making a decision today. We to make a long story short after three hours and telling them we would take the information and consider and that we were leaving they said ” We were not leaving until they said we were leaving”” . Well you can imagine how well we took that response. They also said we would have to wait to get our $50.00 back and I said “” Guess again we did not pay the fee”” We got up to leave and walk out the door we came in from our rental car and wanted to walk back the way we came and they said we could not go that way or they would call security… Really!! We were very polite but to the point of “” We are done here we are leaving””. They said we would have to ride the bus up to the gate!! What bus and what gate? We drove our rental car and walked in the front door so why in the world would we want to take a bus ride to a gate we never went through in the first place. We refused to get in the bus and we started walking down their side utility drive way and the entire time they kept driving next to us with the bus telling us to get inside and at this point I was screaming No I will not get in that bus! Now we get to the gate and it’s closed. They wanted to get us in the bus to drive us to our rental car that was parked 50 feet away. I again screamed “”Open that Gate’””. Finally after guests were beginning to hear my screams they opened the gate. I truly feared for our lives and the stress of this ruined my vacation. Something needs to done with these people.”

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: Mexico