On March 18th 2013 Dorothy Gillette from Graphic Impressions and myself from Sign Factory Inc. agreed that I would do graphic installations for one of their customers called TBM Carriers on forty five 53ft truck trailers in Heber, California. I asked what type of vinyl they would send and Dorothy put it in writing saying that she would send 3M 180 Cast Overlaminated vinyl and instead she sent so cheap vinyl without a brand/make or model without overlaminate which is much harder to install because it is not designed to be installed over the rivets and seams that 18 wheel trailers have. I was told that we would be installing the graphics on the 45 trucks during the month of April during cool weather, the trucks started to arrive about the 5th of May and the temperature is in the mid 90s. Dorothy said that we would install indoors and we ended up having to install ourdoors in direct sunlight in a dirt parking lot in 100 degree heat in windy conditions which are terrible conditions for installing vinyl graphics with adhesive backing. In this industry there is a margin of about 5%, I damaged 4 graphics due to the bad conditions where the customer told us to install and now Dorothy wants me to pay for them at 3M 180 price even though Graphic Impressions is ripping off TBM by saying that they are sending 3M material but in reality TBM is receiving some cheap low quality vinyl without a brand. Graphic Impressions has no ethics or morals in doing business, Graphic Impressions is deceiving their customers and they thought that they could also deceive my company’s installation crew. Graphic Impressions owes me 2,300.00 Dollars for the installations that my company did and they are refusing to pay me, Sign Factory Inc. Dorothy insists on selling me the no brand cheap vinyl at 3M prices, I told her that I would not buy these cheap graphics from Graphic Impressions because my company has the graphic design, machines and 3M vinyl to replace the material that was damaged due to the terrible working conditions and cheap material. Graphic Impressions refuses to pay so the next step is to take legal action against them.. I demand I want Graphic Impressions to pay me for my installations and to stop deceiving their customers. Stay away

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