Complaint: This Pud in Grays harbor is a frigging joke.I hope Randy lovette gets fired,and soonalong with those old hags who work in Costomer service and play God in lives of people just trying to keep their power on.its unbelievable that they have a judgement in the millions against them,and it took years before they ever saw a dime.likewise,on the list of mixed up prioritys,its nice how they sure wont let us normal FL slide by,but turns out they were they have not made grays harbor paper mill make one Pud payment,going on three years! For that,they news to extension Anyone who OS behind,that they denied arrangements too.they need to do something.Aldo,they should quit overcharging people.if you her Eben one high power bill bend over and kiss all you money goodbye Becouse they will continue to charge you the same amount as before,even if you weatherized,got new heaters,use a lot less lower,they find a way.I wish someone would do an investigation on them.we all our tired of it!thankyou!

Tags: Neighborhood Services

Address: 2100 sumner ave. Aberdeen, Washington United States of America