"YOUR UNCLAIMED PROPERTY MAY BE TRANSFERRED TO THE APPROPRIATE STATE IF YOU DO NOT CONTACT US. IF YOU UNCLAIMED PROPERTY ARE CALIFORNIA-RELATED, THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA EXPLICITLY REQUIRES US TO NOTIFY YOU THAT YOUR UNCLAIMED PROPERTY MAY BE TRANSFERRED TO CALIFORNIA IF YOU DO NOT CONTACT US. Our records indicate that we are in possession of funds that may belong to you or that you may otherwise have beneficial interest in. Furthermore, we have no record of any recent contact with you concerning this property. If you have an interest in the property described below and you wish to claim it, you must complete the information at the end of this letter, sign it and return it to us. If we do not received this notice of your ownership or benefited interest in this property within 10 days, we must remit the property to the appropriate state government, pursuant to the unclaimed property laws in effect there. Date Account Number Amount Policy/Plan# " (listed on letter with date in 2013, amount $121.90; account number and policy number were omitted in this report) requests street address, city, state, zip, last 4 digits of social security, printed name, signature, title/relationship, date. "please return this entire notice to: Carol Shackle Unclaimed Property Specialist Email: [email protected] Phone: (303) 737-4465 Fax: (3030)801-5999 Great-West Trust Company, LLC 2T2 8515 E Orchard Rd Greenwood Village, CO 80111 PLEASE ALLOW 6-8 WEEKS AFTER THE DATE RECEIVED BACK IN OUR OFFICE FOR PROCESSING. IF ADDITIONAL FORMS ARE DOCUMENTATION ARE REQUIRED TO COLLECT THSES FUNDS, WE WILL CONTACT YOU. " *