I bought a green dot debit card from rite aid , i put my money on it ,,, $80.00 dollars ,,, and tried to register and activate my card on thier website ,,, i thought i did activate it ,,, which i must of never did ,,, i went to use the card for some thing real important for my company , which was to get my billion dollar business called v wear up and running with people on the tv show shark tank with the card and iwas declined , i called the company greendot bank and they said it was declined because it had some unsual activiy on the card ,,, i explain it could not have been no unusal activity on the card because i just bought it and i have not even used it yet ,,, so they said they have put a hold , a block on my money for the safety of me and my money ,,, so i said ok , no problem , they said just send us some documents to show that you are the owner , so went to kinko’s and fax them documents of my id and the receipt of the purchase of the green dot bank master card debit card with my social security number to them …. when they recived that information they said they can not see my id , it was in black and white and to small to see , so we discussed the situation and i told them it was thanksgiving time and i really do need my money ,,, i said i could read easily why can’t you , and i know you see the receipt of the purchase so this is my card and its my money , please release my money now , i need it , you are stealing my money , this is really the wrong time for this and really there is really no good time ,,, but i will fax over the documents again and i will send the picture of my id bigger and in color , so i did , i blew up my id bigger and fax it over to them with the documents again to the same number i sent to them from the first fax ,,,, than when i called them back again and ask them if they have release the hold on my money so i could use the card they said that thy had to reopen a new dispute or ticket on the case and i am saying what is all this really about , why won’t you just give me my name , why are you putting me through all this hell for my money ,,, this is ridiculous … so after all the stress they gave me , they said this would only take a minute and so they open the new ticket and said it need it to be processed first ,,, so i ask how long it would take , they said about ten days and i complain why when all you have to do is just look at the documnts and that this is like my twentyeth time talking to you people here at green dot bank on this issue and situation , so they said ok call us tomorrow and we should have an up date on your account and should have your money un blocked and the hold off by than , so i called the next day and than they said they need more documents , and i said i have sent these documents to you with proof you have received them and they said they needed my socail security number again , i told them i sent all that and that i should you the receipt that i was the one that bought it and with my id and tha should of been enough documents and that should be all you need ,,, but ok i will send you the documents again and i sent them the socail security stsatement with my social security number and other id documents paper once more time and i said i am so sick of this stupid stuff , this is making no real sense at all , i feel they are trying to legally steal my money which there is no legal way to steal money , so after i fax them these documents again for about the 3rd or 4th time i called them and ask them if they had release the hold on my money and that my new card came in the mail with my name on it and it was christmas time , and i knew they where going take off the block , the hold on my money … so i am dicussing the situation with them and they say they did not get the documents , they ask me wht fax number i used , and i said the same one i used all the other times, they said they did not receive them , now i am really upset and mad and tired and sick of all this , i told them which i had said before that i was going to sue them , i said i am going to sue you , you have been doing this for way to long , this have messed up my thanksgiving and now my christmas and you made me lose a meeting with the game changer and with a star on shark tank about my billion dollar company , my company called v wear , i said i know you have the documents i got the kinkos transmission verification report showing that the documents got sent to you with the correct fax number that went to you ,,, i said this is ridiculous about $80.00 of my money with the card i bought , so its my card and you are going to try to keep my money for no reason and i have no idea why you are doing this and i am going to sue you for over a billion dollars because of all this form my company you messed over to my thanksgiving you messed over my christmas you messed over and now my new years you messed over and i know i sent all these documents to the correct fax number with verification and proof from kinkos , so we discussed this for a while and i said now you can tell all this stuff your saying to the judge because i am suing you , they had a few managers call me back with all of them saying the same thing , i need to send the documents again and i just told all of them that i am suing them and that i was tired of them playing with me ,,, the have put me with so much stress it is ridiculous , and i have lost millions to billions of dollars because of this …. the pain and suffering alone is crazy knowing the worth of this problem is over a billion dollars and with the thought of that alone and all the other stuff this would make you lose your mind , which it did and is because they have not gave me my money yet , and there is no such thing as legal stealing ,,,, and they stole my money and i want to sue them green dot bank , rite aid and master card ,,,, Thank You , Kwame King ….

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