Complaint: I wanted to post this because my fiance was put in extreme peril on her way to work this morning. My fiance was driving on George Bush and minding her own business when Omar and his oversized truck + trailer attached swung into her lane. She had to slam on her brakes and thankfully the truck behind her swerved into the other lane and my fiance almost hit the barrrier wall!After this frightening experience she finally got ahead of some of the traffic to see who it was and (knowing what he didd of course) Omar was looking back at her laughing uncontrolably. He then then decided to give her the finger and then make hand gestures as if he was perfomring oral sex on her. She thankfully slowed down enough to snap a photo of the truck with Omar’s business name etc. on it and sent it to me. Omar, you probably didn’t notice this and I wouldn’t expect you to since she was driving, but my fiance is 6mo’s pregnant with our very first girl. Had she got in an accident, had the airbags deploy and caused a miscarriage…would you still have been laughing???There’s nothing I can really do from this disgusting human being but I can d**n well make sure other people read this when considering your business for contracting work. Hopefully your future potential clients will read this and go with another bid instead of yours! KNOW WHO YOU’RE POTENTIALLY DOING BUSINESS WITH PEOPLE. If Omar acts like this on the way to your job, how do you think he’ll act when he’s on-site and you’re not around. Omar, let this be a warning to you. Your business is plastered all over your Nissan truck bozo. You’re a representation of your brand when you’re driving. Don’t act like a jacka** and please be more considerate of other drivers on the road when towing a trailer!

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