Complaint: To Whom This May Concern: When I made my appointment with Green Leaf Vitality Center in Camarillo I was informed that I would be evaluated by a doctor in person. When I went into the office for my appointment there was NO DOCTOR present. I was greeted by a Latino Gentleman in scrubs by the name of Omar, He was sitting at a desk and there was a cabinet with water pipes next to him that were for sale. This was concerning to me because I did not see a tobacco license or a sellers permit on the wall. He had me fill out my medical paperwork via a computer and when I was finished I let him know but the screen had frozen. I turned my back and it seemed that he turned it off really quick and said that it would be fine. I sat at a computer desk with him and with a doctor that was apparently on the computer screen via “skype””.He said hello and asked why I was there (obviously he didn’t look at my paperwork) and I informed him. He asked me if I had been pre-diagnosed and I told him that I hadnt. He said that he approved me for my license. While I was talking to the doctor

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Address: Omar remained at the desk and didnt allow the proper privacy of me to discuss what I really wanted to with the doctor. This was another matter that really bothered me

Website: potentially for undocumented medical conditions.xxvi

Phone: I am glad that there was not another patient in the office at the time! Omar printed two papers and he signed above the doctors name where the paper says “”Edgar Sutter