I initially had a mortgage under another company who sold my loan to Green Tree Servicing Company. Once I became acquainted with the new company (Green Tree), the representative would schedule a phone payment to be debited from my account for dates I had authorized. However, on the date that I had already authorized for the payment to be debited, they would try to obtain another payment the same day for the next month, and even say you were short for this month and we need your authorization to cover the shortage, this was the first time. The second time, I was told by the representative that I my outstanding payment was $1800, and told her she must be mistaken because I just sent you $1,000 and allii need to cover the payment was $400+, and I asked “what happen to that amount””? She stated

there was a shortage and we will be sending $661 dollars back to you

because there was a shortage

and we need $300+ on the 30th of this month and if we can authorize 500+ on the 27th of the same month. These representatives main goal is to confuse defenseless home owners to default on their mortgages and take what they have worked so hard to maintain. I would be much more assured if you would investigate this company to expose the misapproriated practices from Green Tree Financial Services. At this time I am looking for a new mortgage company to handle my mortgage needs.”

Rapid City, South Dakota USA