I was conned of 5000 dollars


My Complaint: www.greenmerchantfunding.com. They told me that if I invest $15,000 I would get a return of $69,000 after 6 months. This is how it works. They would buy files from banks of individuals how have been denied credit and process them at a different bank for a business cash advance. I would get 2% of the cash advance as commission. Furthermore they were to set me up with my own LLC business by registering it with the state.
They set me up with a poor developed website to monitor my commissions and to get more business. I was a little skeptical but the fraudsters pounded me with emotional testimonies of how they have help families plus the business model they described sounded normal. The fraudsters call me every day putting more and more pressure on how I will lose this investment opportunity if I wait any longer.
I finally caved in after a week, went to the bank and withdrew $5000. I told them that I want to see results before I invest any more. Soon after the calls stopped and I was left with a useless website.


My Demand: If i can get any money back I would be happy