I have my resume on indeed.ca this company GreenNode Software Limited. Linda Gram reached out to me stating how the I am perfect for this position of being a cash processor and she had confidence that I would be perfect for this position.the position was out of office, the contract involved being in a one month probationary period , $21 hour with 3% of commission ($30 of 1,000) each completed payment. full time position and permanent. my direct deposit form for my debit was giving and my passport photo. A lady named Karin Kohler reached out to me two days later after Linda, and confirmed my position. I then gave my information.two days later, $3000 total was sent to me and I made almost $200 that day. the task was given to me by Email, as all instructions are by Karin. She is the development manager apparently. We spoke for 30 seconds on the phone, and she said working by email was better. She was very short through email that raised my awareness..the next day, i spoke to the police, went to the bank and they told me to close my account right away. so i did. This is an recurring theme with Bitcoin and companies. getting a third-party to deposit money was a huge red flag. I thought people just invested into Bitcoin because it’s successful, I was proven wrong real fast.the bank manager was surprised that they took my debit information such as e – transfers because companies /scammers usually write cheques. They have seen it a lot. I only had one day of work with this company, I reached out Monday, December 30th 2019 and I haven’t heard back from her. Bank guy said that was going to happen, once they get what they want they disappear. Also was surprised how the money hasn’t bounced back yet.. All very scary . be aware.