Completely ridiculous company. Couldn’t reach anyone on the phone number after multiple tries over multiple days. The receptionist had to call me back on her personal cell phone after leaving 4 messages. Service man didn’t show up for first appointment–had to reschedule after the appointment time. I paid for a Groupon that included an air conditioning tune-up, which was an upgrade to the 20-point inspection. The tune up consisted of spraying down the outside of the unit with my outdoor hose, which they actually told me to do myself until I insisted they do some kind of tune up before they left. When I asked about the tune up, the guy told me that his boss said that if anyone asks about the tune up, just spray the AC down with a hose so they won’t accuse us of false advertising. What?!! So they knowingly are using false advertising and then are trying to cover it up? Glad I didn’t pay much for the Groupon, but the $110 value they mentioned as the value is a joke!

13260 W Foxfire Dr. Surprise, AZ Surprise, Arizona United States of America


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