My mum (82) had been having trouble with her central heating making gurgling noises so she called a local gas engineer out to see what the problem was. It was working fine, but the noise was a distraction for her.Greg Lawton came out the next day and told her the problem was all of her internal pipework – because it was copper it would need to be replaced because it “wasn’t good for her health””I’ve never heard such rubbish – copper is still used in new houses for pipework and is perfectly safe. She paid over 4000 to have it all replaced – Greg very kindly took the old “”worthless copper”” away and would take it to the tip for her.She had the work done

the central heating still makes the same noises

Greg Lawton has had over 4000 from my mum

and no doubt weighed all of the copper in for scrap

and the original problem still persists. Greg won’t discuss the problem with me