Complaint: Gregory Perdriel was a part of a network marketing company called Wake Up Now, based out of Utah, from 2013 to early 2015. They offered an array of financial software/taxbot products and wanted to be a marketplace to find all kinds of deals online from travel to sneakers to concierge services. You can google the company all you want to find out what they were doing and find all types of negative reports on it but here is the bottom line. Network marketing business models are not illegal. Referring people to a company that offers products and services is totally fine. The right type of person who can market and promote a business can make money. Are there shady individuals and companies out there? Yes. Was Wake Up Now one of them? Yes and no. WUN burst on to the scene during the summer of 2013 and took the internet by storm. It saw a whole bunch of young kids in their 20s (mostly urban) making money, traveling, making a lot of noise in social media and naturally upsetting a lot of people who didnu2019t understand that concept in its Wake. For 2 years the company paid out large commissions to its affiliates who recruited other affiliates. In late 2014 the company stopped paying. Whether it was payment processor issues compounded with the fact that the company was burning through too much money, and a shady CEO and executive team, it left a lot of discouraged people. Naturally the people easiest to hate were the ones in the spotlight making a lot of money.. in this case Gregory Perdriel. Greg would get antagonized on Facebook by doubters and would unleash such verbal taunts back that he created numerous enemies who would later anonymously post a lot of defamation on his name. They would cry about him “not helpingu201d people recruit and other jabs at his character when all he did was promote the company and lifestyle. He was not required to do anything else for grown folk looking for an opportunity. Like many companies

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Address: WUN came and went


Phone: but itu2019s demise had nothing to do with Gregory Perdriel. When you google his name youu2019ll find silly claims that have no real backing or proof or documents… just hearsay”