I was informed that my suit-case would arrive at its destination within 3-ways after being shipped from Cleveland, OH to Tucson, AZ. This was totally misleading and has caused me great financial harm and lost of creditabilty to students that wanted to have a report on my travels. When this office was contacted because the Tucson, AZ office didn’t answer their phones after 25+ contacts; and no visible personnel. I was told that this was in error and that it would take 7 to 10 days for this case would arrive. I was informed that, a tracking would be done and would contact me on its status. This also, was a lie! I personally, feel that this organization needs to be investigated for misleading, and giving bogus information to the public. As well as charging for services they cannot provide to the public. Greyhound Package Express is in need of an investigation by a Federal Agency for its policies and practices.

Tucson, Arizona United States of America



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