On the day of August 16,2012,I was coming home from Memphis,TN to Baltimore,MD where I live.I lost my two bags on the express bus in Cincinatti,OH which went to Cleveland,OH because the bus left at 8:15 AM when it was supposed to depart at *:#0 AM.I reported this as soon as I got back home on August 20,2012 by filing a claim report.I was told that the bags go to the warehouse in Dallas,TX which is the headquarters for Greyhound.I called the Baggage Claim Depts.,I called the Customer Service Depts,and I even wrote to the CEO of Greyhound.Afgter months of promising me that my bags were going to be retrieved,I kept hearing,”The bags were not recovered””>I was given a confirmation #

a baggage claim #

and other types of information.Unfortunately

I didn’t have a tag on the bags

but I did have documents inside the bags such as business cards