I am writing this report on behalf of my 13 year old stepson and his cousins. On 6/6/2014 my stepson and his two cousins and two friends were scheduled to bored their bus to Minnesota at. 1:30Am in the morning. My stepson and his two cousins bought their tickets early but where told they could not have their tickets printed. Apparently greyhound bumped them out if the system to where if they boarded in oakland that night that they would be taken off the bus in Sacramento and have to wait 12hours to be accommodated. That is absurd. It was greyhound who made the mistake. They were told to be at the station an hour before boarding to get their tickets. The guy at the station that night was no help.It ended u p that the two friends who bought there tickets 5 days earlier got to board. My stepson and his cousins where told they have to comeback the next day.That itself was an inconvenience because we live almost 40miles from oakland. That itself is 160mikes driving back and forth. I spoke with Pat who is a manager at Greyhound in Oakland and she said that that the situation could have been fixed that night. She gave me a number to call her supervisor but he was not in so I spoke to his secretary. She gave me the run around. Someone at Greyhound needs to recognize this mistake and acknowledge it. The stations can’t provide good customer service, the people at customer service don’t want to own up to it. Greyhound just wants money even if it means they have to inconvenience a person.

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