Emailed company took 2 days to respond n all he said was “eta 6.5-7 well food never came. so i asked for tracking number and why NO phone number listed. he finally writes back stating “i can’t afford phone service it will eat up my profits, and there is no tracking.” | well that was a red flag for me. so i asked for refund and he never responded again. now its up to my bank to dispute this charge. buyers beware do NOT buy from this b*****d. he is not a real company. he is fraudulent and its not worth the stress. so now my next step will be the BBB etc.. | BUYERS BEWARE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS GUY WHO CALLS HIMSELF “BEN” HE IS A FRAUDULENT COMPANY. NO PHONE NUMBER TO CALL HIM, HE DOESNT RESPOND TO EMAILS UNLESS U SEND ALOT OF THEM, DEMANDING ANSWERS. | THEN HE SENDS YOU A ONE WORD EMAIL BACK. DOESNT WORK. A COMPANY SHOULD HAVE A PHONE NUMBER AND AN ADDRESS, THERE IS NO INDICATION AS TO WHERE THIS CREEP IS LOCATED EITHER. | DO NOT BUY FROM GROCERY.COM. WHEN PRICES ARE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, ………. U KNOW THE REST!

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