I am a 50% disabled vet, I have seriously no money, I was laid off and I am unemployed and looking hard for a decent job to support my 9 year old son, and my crazy ex-wife. She dropped news on me that I had to appear in court in Clarksville, TN (I live in Virginia Beach VAto address some all but irrelvant child custody issues that seem to have more to do with her Jesus fetish than me. So anyways, I bought a bus ticket for 304.00 dollars. Choose GreyHound right? Wrong. On February 21, 2014 I (wade l bxxxx) purchased a bus ticket from GreyHound online, I needed to go from Virginia Beach, VA to Clarksville, TN to resolve some child custody issues. Which shortly after I purchased I found out the case was cancelled, because of lawyer negligence , due to no fault of my own. I called every phone number I found online to resolve the issue but nobody answered, I went to the Virginia Beach terminal and they told me to go to Norfolk for all ticket exchanges. So I called ahead and nobody answered, so I went to Norfolk instead and nobody was there. I then came back on Saturday the lady (Colleen) said I would have to come back “later this week”” to resolve the issue

with a manager. Which is 45 minutes away in gas both ways

I am not making another trip to Norfolk

VA because you can’t schedule people who can make management decisions. So I contested with Visa

they advised me to get an exchange