We purchased our travel trailer from Grumbines in Harrisburg, PA in July 2015. We were met by a salesman, Jerry, who told us he had just had open heart surgery and was finally back to work. He showed us maybe 4 trailers. The one we were interested in had a “king bed”” pull out couch. Because we knew what pull out beds were like

and because of his surgery

we did not ask to have the bed pulled out . . . big mistake! Turns out the “”bed”” does not come with a mattress. Just a bunch of straps that are under some thin material on which you are supposed to sleep. My family member slept on it the first night and said all night the straps were breaking. It ended up to be about 5 inches below the frame by this time. We paid cash for this trailer and when the electrical didn’t work

we went out and bought the new part. We also had one of the hose fitting on the outside break while traveling and had to replace it. We are still waiting for our refund on these two items. They tell us it could take 90 days . . . 90 days for them to pay us back $80 after we spent over $29

000 for the trailer! The first night we took it home