I bot a print done by an artist. I did not check pricing. | I was led to believe it was a “very good price” for a signed and numbered piece by this artist. | It turns out all the “signatures” I see on the internet of this identical piece of art have identical signatures – impossible to occur. I subsequently found out I was charged app. 60% more than the retail cost on any number of websites. | When contacting the seller, he tells me those for sale for less, are “rejects, and have ‘smudges’ or other imperfections.” | If they are “rejects,” the artist would not “sign and number them.” | I believe almost nothing this man says. | Beware when dealing with him. | I subsequently checked the BBB for him and his company, and found a large number of complaints. | Whille I may not have been a careful buyer, this man is a rip-off seller of art work with identical signatures.

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