This “employer” emailed me with a job offering that seemed too good to be true. An employment with 2 choices either one for $5,000 a month with 5% bonus or $4,000 a month with 10% bonus. Even though they answered my questions responding “ you will get payed by check mailed to you every 30 days from when you start employment” “ you don’t have to pay for anything through the training and don’t have to send us any money back” that’s exactly what a scammer would say because that’s what most scammers try to get out of you. But the number they gave me to contact them wasn’t working and a second number tried to make me buy something and when i didn’t respond kept telling me to hang up repeatedly and made a long loud screeching noise. When i emailed back the employer asking for the phone number they replied “I’m in a conference right now i can call you tomorrow or you can continue sending your questions through email”.