Complaint: I purchased a scooter from GSMotorworks online. I paid $639. The scooter did not run for long. They sent a new carb..for me to replace which I did. The scooter issue was not resolved. I was instructed to take the scooter to an approved mechanic in Leitchfield Ky (a considerable distance) which I did. After no response from the company after several weeks I called the mechanic. He informed me that GSmotorworks was not meeting his needs and were “shady”” and that he would not fix the scooter. I then made the considerable trip back to Leitchfield to retrieve the still unrepaired scooter. I was then instructed by GSmotorworks to recrate and return the scooter to them. I have an email from””Trevor”” who promised to ship a new replacement scooter upon reciept of the defective scooter. Weeks went by. I called. Trevor accused me(yelling by the way and cursing) of removing the speedo and locking it in the trunk

Tags: Motorcycles

Address: a complete fabrication. He yelled that they are a multi million dollar company and they werent trying to “”get me”” for $650. He then promised to ship the repaired scooter on Friday September 9

Website: 1-888-400-3253

Phone: 2011. I have tried to make contact again both by email and telephone with no response. They have both my money and the defective scooter they sold me and refuse to communicate”