My father was a very conservative and successful investment manager who never borrowed money except for his home mortgage, which he paid off in 15 years. Guardian Life insisted that my father borrowed $4000+ from his life insurance policy. My father had Alzheimers for the last eight years of his life, but his notes indicate that the Guardian policy was fully paid. I called, wrote, and faxed Guardian this information, and they refused to provide ANY documentation that my father had ever borrowed this money against the policy. When my father died, they said again that they would look into it, but they shorted the check to my mother and never supplied any documentation about the “loan.”” It would not surprise me if Guardian Life is applying this practice of fictitious “”loans”” to thousands of small policies in the same way that Wells Fargo created “”accounts”” for millions of unknowing customers. Those undocumented “”loans”” — when deducted from the insurance proceeds due at end of life — would create a powerful profit-driver for the company

which would increase executive bonuses and value to shareholders — while scamming small customers who have no ability to see the undocumented loan process. I would be willing to join a class-action suit against Guardian for either (1) fraudulently withholding insurance payments or (2) refusing to provide documentation to the families of its deceased customers.”

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