my husband rented a room 9-10-2011. He smoked in the parking lot and outside of the room that night. He then, not to drop his butts on the ground, placed them in his beer cans and placed them in the garbage inside the room. There was no nearby receptical for his use that he could locate. He went to the office when he found his charge card had been charged almost $400.00 for one night. He spoke with “AMy”” the on call manager. She called him a liar

then produced his bill which is so messed up and confusing. She said HE did smoke in the room as the maids saw the butts in the cans. He explained what happened and she proceeded to call him a liar again. WE Do NOT lie. We travel often and have NEVER experienced such blatant RIP OFF! The rules do NOT state he cannot smoke outside the room and place his butts inside the room! I wrote Corporate for the Guest House Inn & Suites and spoke with Tammy Small. She was appauled and told me they are a franchise and they can do nothing about this. But she did email the owner to contact us regarding this. This was 12 days ago. I then proceeded to write the email addressed to the general manager Chami Roe at this location 7 days ago. NO RESPONSE! We are upset and frustrated and want a total refund at this point! This is so unacceptable! Please help us I cannot get anyone to listen regarding this terrible customer service and blatant stealing from our charge card! Janet and Gerald [email protected]

1600 7th Avenue SW Tumwater, Washington United States of America


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