Complaint: The first week of July 1999 my 1992 Buick Park Avenue began not responding to pressing the gas petal and moving forward. I took my car to Gulf Coast Transmission and they told me I need a complete new transmission and the cost was $1900. We paid the money up front (cash). We picked the car up the next week, the car still drove a little strange ran very high RPM’s but it did drive/go. After a few days the car died on us and would nt move forward, we took it back to Gulf Coast and they told us a motor mount had broke and leaked all the Transmission fluid out. They repair that and filled it back up and I had to pay them another $190.00 to do so. A few days later I picked the car up and did my normal driving routine to work, daycare / school for my kids, grocery shopping etc and all seemed OK. Then it acted up again less than one week later leaking transmission fluid in my driveway etc. I was stranded without a car and two kids and a job to have to try to get to it was very difficult for me and my family but we managed. I walked many places and it caused me to be late for my job lose pay etc. While Gulf Coast took my car and fixed it yet again and I was told it was the same problem motor mount broke and leaked out my fluid. I picked my car up again days later and drove around for 2 weeks around town and all seemed OK. The next weekend I had to take my car to ST Petersburg about 100 miles away on Friday evening to take care of some business up there. When I arrived into St Pete, my car began to again act strange and then it stopped altogether. I was able to get it into a corner gas station and they looked at it and told me the transmission fluid looked burnt & low. It was 10:00pm so the next morning I called Gulf Coast and spoke with the shop manager who told me he would have a tow truck come pick it up and bring it back to him to repair and that he would pay for me to rent a small car. I returned home to Cape Coral and picked my car up a few days later and found that my steering column had been taken apart as if someone tried to hot wire my car, the shop manager told me it came in that way. I called the towing company that picked my car up in ST Pete and they said when they dropped it off at Gulf Coast it was fine. Together we called Gulf Coast and told them this, a few days later Gulf Coast shop manager called me and told me that it a couple of other cars had been vandalized in his lot too so he would cover my damage since he must have been mistaken about my car coming in that way (damaged). My car died yet again on me driving around town and we took it back asking for our money back and a full list of parts he had put in they told us they had replaced ALL the transmission parts complete. I know it is law that they give us this detailed list but they will not. We have a receipt for our money saying for transmission repair $1900.00 paid in full July 2, 1999. that is all. My husband Brian asked the shop manager if we could rent a car while it was being fixed this time as it was too difficult to get around without one and 2 small children (3 and 6 years old) He told us that was fine/OK. When we went to pick up this time and give then the car rental bill for a small car Gulf Coast told me they would not pay for the rental!! They explained all they meant when they told us it was OK for us to rent a car this time, was that they did not CARE, they did not mean they would pay for the car rental during this repair!! So we have paid out the money for the money or the rental and all other inconveniences and picked my car up and the steering column is still not repaired from the break in at their shop (they claim parts are still on order for it for the past three weeks, we find that hard to believe) and my car is still leaking transmission fluid and not driving correctly. We have to keep adding fluid and riving around with a can or two in the car with us at all times. We need the money back from this shop so we can take it somewhere else to be fixed properly. They refuse now to even speak to us now!! They know we are moving out of the area soon and they are hoping we just leave and forget about all this but this is our man car for transportation so we cannot just forget about it. Anything you can do to help us out will be GREATLY appreciated in getting our money back and/or our car fixed we are now broke from spending this money. Thank you Jackie & Brian Mohr [email protected]

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