Complaint: There’s no way to contact Gunbroker, the only form of contact is with online e-mail. The only phone # is the one next to the $1.00 charges on the bank statement with‘s name. When calling this phone number (720) 223 0164, the auto message doesn’t give any information on how to speak with anyone from Gun.BrokerGun Broker is a company that practices unfair business practices and fraudulent business practices. I reported to Gun Broker an issue regarding a seller who had sent me an email that contained racial slurs in the email. I asked them to investigate this matter. Gun Broker never investigated the matter and asked me to proceed with a transaction with the customer.It appears that Gun Broker does not care if individuals or businesses make racial comments, slurs, or any send any hate crime on their site. They are just concerned with the dollar. Gun Broker also charges your credit card $1.00 even when your site is inactive. There is no way to contact Gun Broker regarding closing your account out when there is no activity on your account. I feel individuals reading this report need to contact me regarding getting a Class Action Law Suit against Gun Broker for all the Fraudulent Business related matters that take place on their site. Its wrong and Gun Broker needs to be shut down.

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Address: P.O. Box 2511 Internet United States of America


Phone: 720-223-0164