I can’t say exactly when my story starts but, it had been a while. || When I was 16 I had met the love of my life. The one person that could make everything better and even worse.. The first 6 months of our relationship was a fairy tale love story but that all changed. October 2010, we had been drinking and hanging out with friends when 3 girls showed up and we so surprised to find out Guy had a girlfriend. They had told me that Guy had been partying with them and had been lying to me about it all. When I confronted him, he had nothing to say. As I turned to walk out of his house he grabbed me from behind and put a knife to my throat saying that if I ever left him I wouldn’t survive to even find out the consequences. In my struggle to fight him off and get away, he broke my arm, causing nerve damage. || Fast forward to February 22, 2011, our wedding day. I wasn’t even allowed to invite over half of my family because Guy didn’t like them. After our reception, all of his guests took us bowling. Guy has never known how to control his alcohol but this night was the worst I had ever seen. He smashed our windshield in the parking lot and tried to fight every person he seen. I was humiliated. Disgusted. Scared to death, honestly. Guy promises to get counseling and get his anger and drinking under control. That never happens. We are finally doing better and getting along great and his parents call.. they need a place to stay for a few weeks. We agree and everything starts out fine. Until his pill popping mother almost over doses on Ambien and burns down my kitchen, with my nephews in the house. I was furious. Guy had made it known though, this was no longer my house. We fought 24/7 and I was so emotional and depressed. I went to the doctor to try to get something to help with my depression and left with finding out I was pregnant and scared to death to tell my own husband. On November 6th, 2013, I went into premature labor with our daughter at 24 weeks. Our baby girl was called home to be with the Lord. I was a wreck. While I was at home mourning over my daughter, Guy was at the bar. With his dad and his hoe, Stephanie Franzen. We had huge fight and he promised she was gone. The next day he comes home from work 6 hours late! He tells me he is leaving me and I should leave for the night. I stay the night across town and come back the next morning. I walk in and everything of mine in is trash bags in the living room. I was crushed. Three weeks later and I am still an emotional train wreck. I decide to try to move on. It doesn’t work. I can’t stop thinking of him. I moved to Cheyenne with some friends and one night he calls. It was a 3 hour phone call. Just like before. I was almost positive that he was genuine. I drive back to Rock Springs and he came to pick me up. I was finally waking up from this night mare. We had started seeing each other quiet a bit and talking a lot more. It was amazing. He swears he is sober and is ready for me to come home. I was excited. While moving back in, I had gotten the flu. Guy had come from work and told me that he was being transferred. That meant more money and getting away from the horrible memories. It was a win win. || June 2013, We moved to Casper, WY. Two weeks later. It was amazing. I still wasn’t feeling well and decided to take a pregnancy test. It was positive! We were so excited. We finally got a 2nd chance to be parents. Things were going great. My family had come to visit and we hardly ever fought. I knew the worst was over with, finally. November 1st. 2013 I have surgery. The nerve damaged he caused years before was catching up with me. My sister had come up to stay with me to help me out because Guy was on call 24/7. I woke up from surgery and Guy was gone. I asked my sister where he was and she said he got called out to work. Which was weird because they have a 4 hour notice policy. I called him and he said he was in Douglas(45 minutes away) getting his truck fixed. I asked when he would be home and he said he didn’t know. I heard someone in the background and asked him who he was with. He said no one. He was on his way home and hung up. He came home and said he wanted a divorce. I asked who she was. He swore there was no one else. I knew that was bull shit because he has to be in a relationship. He cannot be independent. He is too weak. I asked to not fight but for him to be home this weekend to help me pack my things. He agreed. The next day his phone rang. He was going to work early to do paperwork and then to the job. I made him lunch and kissed him goodbye. He never came home. He was gone for a few days and I filed a missing persons report and left to be with my family in Rock Springs. Three days later there was a transaction made with my debit card in Casper. His phone was still off though. I decided to go home and face the situation. I drove 4 hours hoping to find my husband safe and alive. Well, I did. I also met his girlfriend and her 2 kids when I walked in. Jolynn Gardner. What a gem. Pshhh. I stayed up all night after they left and packed my house up. The next morning I got a U-haul, packed it up and left for Rock Springs. || I filed for divorce December 10th, 2013. I haven’t looked back yet. I did read in the Casper Tribune that she was arrested for domestic violence on him. Lmao. Then he proposed to her with my ring. Ha. Long story short. Jolynn is in jail. Guy is back with his ex from high school and they are miserable. She has already left him once. I took the time to find myself and met an amazing man along the way. While he keeps hopping from failed relationship to failed relationship.He doesn’t claim either of his daughters. In fact, he denies them both. I wish him the best I truly do however, I pity the poor girl that falls for him next.