Complaint: Habitat for Humanity international CANNOT and WILL NOT do anything about their local affiliates. I have seen this first hand. AS A MANAGER FOR THEIR RESTORE! The way they are structured as to protect Habitat for Humanity international and the personal interest of the local boards of directoru2019s period. Local Affiliates are their own beast. And The Beast favors relatives, friends, personal interests, and nepotistic relations. The De-centralized nature of the organization gives plausible deniability to the parent company. For all the world wide good the company does there are many several hundred, if not thousands, of local failures and foreclosures in every state. An internet research will prove this. Log onto and sign up using your local affiliate name and whatever email you have. Access the forums and boards. See the struggles the executive directors, managers, employees, and volunteers face day to day and the challenges the company has. Challenge the local boards with the sunshine law (co) or similar in your state (non profit accountability laws). See yourself shot down and vilified for your questioning. I was fired from being a manager for one of their ReStores. On FALSE charges. I tried to get our state organization involved. I’ll send it up I was told. NO REPLY! It doesn’t matter that at in my annual review board members Leonard Andrews and Phil Reinpold, both of pueblo, CO, gave me high marks on the copy of the Annual review I SIGNED. Then a month latter board member Sharron Gaskel of Pueblo, CO was telling us employees that she just hopped we would still be in a job by the end of the year and that the organization was failing. 3 weeks latter I was fired on false charges they cannot and would not back up. Other local and state organizations can back up my conduct as exemplary and I have lined them up if they are needed in court. DO NOT TRUST THIS ORGANIZATION!!!! THEY WILL f**k YOU OVER!!!!

Tags: Non-Profit Organizations

Address: 2313 s prairie ave pueblo, Colorado USA