Don’t return calls or email: sent items that were just plain water.


My Complaint: I ordered 3 bottles of Renew, 1 Shampoo, and 1Conditioner. I only received the items on the invoice. The bottles were NOT “sealed” as most products are, so I unscrewed the spray tops on them to see what was inside. They are basically filled with just water.
I have tried to call and the phone numbers are not a working business. They do not answer email as I have emailed them several times since ordering on March 9th. When I first ordered there was no confirmation email for about a week, so I sent an email to them to cancel the order. They did not answer. Then I received the package with no invoice.

1. The website links in the emails do not work.
2. The telephone number 1-888-355-9681 is answered by a person in another language; there is no voicemail or instructions or any way to leave a message.
3. This telephone number 1-310-394-9238 is disconnected.


My Demand: 76.07