On June 27 2014, I ordered a clarinet from Hakam Din, via their ebay store , ebay.com/usr/hakamdinusa . I also made the payment the same day, via Paypal. In particular, I ordered a Bb Clarinet Albert system wooden Greek Jazz folk clarinet in Bb 15/4 BRAND NEW, semi-professional. I waited for about 2 months, sending messages to the company, (via ebay), but I received no response. On September 9, 2014, I opened a dispute at Paypal resolution center and I sent *another* message to the company, letting them know about it. Of course, this time I got a response from them, saying that they were out of town (!) and if I could just wait 30 more days my item would be shipped to me – or else, if I wished, they would refund the money in whole. I responded immediately, saying that 30 days was the maximum I could wait for the clarinet, since I needed it by the time it was said to be delivered, which was, by the description, on August 29, 2014. I also asked for the tracking number, when the shipment would be complete. On September 25 2014, and since I haven’t had any message from them containing any tracking number or even a message from ebay that my item had been shipped, I sent *another* message. This time, I asked for a full refund (beacause it seemed that they didn’t even bother to ship the clarinet in the first place). On the same day I received a message from them, signed by someone named Jamal, saying exactly: “Sir let me check then I will inform you””. (Yes

3 months had passed from my original order and they still hadn’ t had the time to check it). On and on they continued responding to the messages I repeatedly sent them

giving me all kinds of ridiculous excuses (they even informed me again that they were “”out of town”” – obviously they had forgotten that they had already used that one). Then

they offered to make amends with me

by trying to persuade me to order even more clarinets (5 minimum) so that I can sell them to musicians that would be interested in my country. Of course