Complaint: I really do not appreciate people like this who rip off fans of any entertainer, in this case fans of Rudolph Valentino. I joined The Rudolph Valentino Society only to find out it is fraudelent. The phone number listed after you pay belongs to a residental couple who have had the number for 30 years. Hala Pickford would not call me back even when I offered to accept the charges or return my emails. Please I encourage any Rudolph Valentino fans who want to buy any merchandise not to trust this fanclub/society because the lady who runs it is only ripping off true fans like myself. If you want to buy merchandise/memorabilia, go to referable companies like Amazon. In closing, I didn’t feel comfortable that this supposed society did not have a legit phone number listed on the site. Please beware, all Rudolph Valentino fans.

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Address: Internet United States of America


Phone: 818-888-5656