Too many details to list. Watch out for Halea Bentley. She loves people who are taken. She is a drug addict who will do anything for some pills, and I mean anything. You will also know if she has been in your house because your prescriptions, makeup, and other girlish things will be suddenly missing from your bathroom. I Checked some messages and she will try to get your partner to leave you, tell them that you don’t really love them, that you are just using them. She will try and use any excuse possible to get money. She would ask and see when I was working so she could come over. One day I had gotten off work earlier than usual and seen her car pulling away from my house. And that’s when my snooping began. She is very well known in this town. Watch out for this narcissistic pshyco path… she also swings both ways, so no one is safe.