called half time tried to order 1 with free driver total $40 it kept asking me to order more which i said no. they asked for all of the info [ credit card # address first. ] they sent me 8 units and charged $140 got them and sent them back unopened. visa told me they returned $79.90 where is the other $60? Like a fool i went on the internet and tried to order one with the free drive just pay for shipping. Same thing all info for shipping including name address, credit card, on second page ask if you want to order one and if you want the free drive you click xbox just pay shipping. which i did. third page stated the price as $78 or so. tried to erase all but nothing would delete the amount or the amount of drives. hit retun and others but i could not erase them. then i clicked on the xbox on top of the page to get off and out. That shut it down but then it said i ordered two set for $78?. i went on line and found an email address of [email protected] on page it stated contact him. wrote him at his address and got a reject email as undeliverable so if you call or go on line if they want all the info for shipping credit card and your address tell them to go to h-ll

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