Complaint: I am a licensed legal professional. The BBB has caused my former client to lose their case by attempting to extort a file from my office that belongs to them in order to form an opinion. I will not release this file, and in turn, they marked me illegally. They continue it to this day. Here are some things you should know… This illegal operation is still extorting people by posting information about them ONLINE without their consent. I have been investigating these people, and here is who you are dealing with. Hamilton BBB. Davide Ward Mathis III – apparently not his real name. I was shown a document that claims he made refugee status because he escaped out of Africa on “apparently”” charges of sodomizing children. He changed his name to this because of the fear of being caught but his a.k.a. wasn’t mentioned. Seems that he now has the seat of power

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: perhaps the African government would like to hear about this guy being here? Douglas Simpson – Canadian Council of Better Business Bureaus President. A police check shows that he was chaged in his teens and later in his 20’s under the Criminal Code. The charges were not mentioned

Website: when they don’t have to show their books because they run out of Virginia/Washington. Also said that the BBB will continue to violate my rights and anyone elses (people) who don’t pay memberships. Will say anything they want. Claims a connection to US Government too. Law Society

Phone: but they went through a pardon process. This is apparently what brought him into law. Allan Cohen – Strong supported member lawyer who works for the Arlington BBB