Complaint: Gillie Hamshere and Hamshere Gallery are without scruples. In return for your money they will offer you empty excuses until they drop you completely. International buyers are especially vulnerable as it is very hard to seek restitution outside the country – I believe Hamshere is very well aware of this fact. As other duped clients have mentioned, I, too, believe that Hamshere Gallery sells artwork they do NOT own. I think they know where the artwork is and have every intention of acquiring it once they have a buyer who has paid in full but subsequently are unable to acquire it or have cash flow issues of their own which prohibit its acquisition. However well-intentioned they may be this is no way to run a business. Today I am out of pocket $3,110.21. I have a lengthy trail of emails between myself and Hamshere starting on November 3, 2014 when Gillie reached out to tell me she had acquired a particular Dicksee etching that I had mentioned wanting several years ago. The quoted price was extremely high given the current market for Dicksee but as Gillie pointed out “it was a skip to get your heart’s desire.”” I committed to the purchase sending my first payment of $1600.00 by wire transfer on November 28

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Address: 2014. The final installment of $1

Website: 2015 I received a Dicksee etching – the problem was it was NOT the Dicksee etching I had bought nor was it one I would ever stretch to buy. When notified Gillie expressed surprise and promised to correct the situation immediately. Now two months have elapsed and I am still stuck with the wrong etching and little hope of obtaining the etching purchased. Hamshere has remained curiously silent in past weeks leaving me to surmise that they feel the transaction has been concluded on their end. Moral of this review? Buyers be very wary. My recommendation is to spare yourself the frustration and heartbreak and take your business elsewhere.”

Phone: 510.21 was made by AmEx on January 6