Complaint: I bought the highest level membership about 4 years ago. This program was designed for the company to build my site for me. I was asked to choose a template and they got started. After I received my first order sale I realized that there wasn’t an option to charge my customers shipping so I lost money on my first sale. I tried for 8 months to get this resolved. After so long I gave up trying to reach someone to fix the issue but had started to build a client list and the product was actually great. I went back again to attempt to resolve the issue ,tried logging into my account and they had closed it. For my customers to buy from me I had to have something for them to visualize. The company said they could not reopen my account. I them purchased the lowest level, bronze, that allows you to shop online for the products to sell physically but I still could not get the codes converted to my go daddy site. Again I tried for months to contact someone to help. At first Etty was responsive and told me she would take care of it, nothing happened. A bag a customer purchased from me broke and Etty said it would be replaced at no charge…never done.

Tags: Online Business

Address: Internet USA