From witnesses who have gave me info on her: || Hannah is in her early twenties, on her second husband and has three kids, two of which she doesn’t even have custody of. || She works at (removed) with my husband, Ridge who has now left me for her. I don’t know how long it’s been going on as he would never fess up even after I found out for sure. And she was just as big a coward when I called her up woman to woman and asked her to just tell me. The reply,”I’m with my husband right now, I don’t want any trouble. Please just let me be with my family.” Then she hung up. No denying it at all. || I sure would like to be with my family too, Hannah. || How it started, I don’t know. But the signs were all there. Leaving two hours early for work, intimacy began to lack and a breakdown in communication. Our friendship and laughter was gone. || Factories are full of adultery. People spend more time with their co workers than they do at home with family. Beware. || I will not say she stole him from me, because a decent man couldn’t be stolen. A decent man would respect and honor vows taken before God. A decent man couldn’t form bonds with someone’s family and then leave them all with no sorry or explanation. My husband didn’t just leave me grieving, but my son who knew him as a dad, and the rest of my family who thought so highly of him and loved him dearly. || It’s a shame how people that were so important in his life were so easily disposed of.