Complaint: April 16, 2002 My husband took our vehicle to Hanson’s Auto repair. He told Mr. Gerald Enghausen President/Owner that all the engine light’s had come on suddenly & the vehicle had stopped running. Mr. Enghausen said the engine was blown. Mr. Enghausen told my husband that he could install a Jasper engine that had a guarantee of 3 years or 7500 miles labors & part. No written estimate or warranty was given in violation of the Illinois Auto Repair Act. Mr. Enghausen stated(the only true statement that he has ever made to us) that we would never put 7500 miles on the vehicle. Little did we know how true that statement would be. Mr. Enghausen stated that if my husband gave him a deposit now the vehicle would be up & running in 5 days. Well that was over a year ago and it is still a mystery as to whether it is the little engine that could or the little engine that couldn’t. After Hanson’s installed the engine the vehicle had problem’s that it never had before. Upon picking the vehicle up after it was alledgely repaired, we couldn’t even get it off their lot. It wouldn’t shift properly. When we told Hanson’s it wouldn’t shift right they told us to take it to Crawford’s because they didn’t do transmission work. June 2002 I was so naive that’s what I did that. The transmisson shop rebuilt the transmission. After paying the shop that rebuilt it they told us we should take the vehicle back to Hanson’s because it wasn’t running right. “Of course don’t tell Hanson’s we said that.”” ( You won’t will you? ) The vehicle was returned to Hanson’s over 5 times. It still had engine knocks

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Address: would not idle

Website: it has alway’s been an engine problem.”” I then called Jasper & spoke with Mr.Tom Schrader. He told me Jasper had spoken with John from PDR & he had told them it was not an engine problem. I then suggested a three way conversation. Mr Schrader said that was not needed because the conversation was on tape. Mr. Schrader then played the tape. On the tape was John from PDR talking to someone at Jasper telling them he did not want to work on our vehicle. John had never told us he did not want to work on it. Mr. Schrader was very helpful. He told me that he had called several repair shops in our area but they had heard of the vehicle & refused to work on it. I was informed that Mr Enghausen son worked for a tool company & had been going around town telling every mechanic

Phone: it kept dieing & was leaking fluids. July 2002 After having my disabled husband stranded numerous times