I live about five minutes away from “HAPPINESS IS PETS”” in Orland Park

IL and periodically was stopping by and checking out their cute “”shih tzu puppies””. I would ask upon stopping in one of the employees to tell me where the particular litter was from and the breeders name. She was very nice and told me they were from “”Iowa””. Within a year I was given the same information by various employees working there. We purchased a “”shih tzu puppy”” in July of 2002. We waited to recieve our papers on the puppy about 4-6 weeks later. Within those six weeks the male we had was very cute

and silly as puppies act but acted very weird. He didn’t have the personality of a “”true shih tzu””. I’ve owned two prior to this. nIn the meantime I went onto a website and found the breeder in Jasper County

IL so “”Happiness is Pets”” deliberately lied to us! When I finally received the papers from them

sure enough these litters were from a “”puppy mill”” in Jasper County