Complaint: when visiting this hardees on two seperate occasions, I found that the manager runs on duty ignorantly sits by and watches the young girls, around 15-17 take orders and then go outside and fraternise with older men, then they come back inside and take orders, all the while hugging and kissing thier “boyfriends”” evidently the manager must think its “”cute”” because she just sits there and smiles like theres nothing to it. The first visit

Tags: Fast Food Restaurants

Address: they completely messed my whole order up. There were four of us dining and they got all the food WRONG

Website: and later returned

Phone: and it was late at that! The manager approached me when I was leaving and refunded my money for one of the meals! I didn’t even request it. SO that shows that she knows that its WRONG. WELL I decided to give them another chance about two weeks later. NOTHING has changed! This time it was on a Tuesday at 6pm and I tried to order Fried Chicken to take home