Complaint: I purchased a used electric forklift on Oct 22, 2010 for the delivery upon my arrival from Spain on Jan. 28, 2011, however he never delivered it to me after I paid for it in full. After many phone calls to have it delivered, I assume that he sold the forklift to someone else but told me he could not deliver it because the battery was weak and he was going to replace the battery with a new one and then deliver the forklift. He never delivered it or refunded my money. I will not rest until he is declared bankrupt, and in the meantime I have contacted a debt collector and soon will appoint an attorney. Beware of this person because you could be the next victim.

Tags: Sales People

Address: 11171 Millpond Greens Drive Boynton Beach, District of Columbia United States of America


Phone: 561-827-1595