person called me and said that they had a subpoena to serve my son and wanted me to contact him because he had 2 hours to contact them. He called and they told him that he had a bill from sprint that they bought the acct for. Supposedly the bill was from 2002 and was closed in 2009. They said that he owed them $2700 but they would settle for $1400 and if he didn’t pay he would have to go to California to go to court. They had his address and social security number plus other personal information. He gave them his bank card number to withdraw a payment out of his bank acct. My son and I both called sprint to see if he ever had an acct with them and I talked to 2 sprint agents and he talked to 1 and they searched for him via his social security number and said that he never ever had an acct with them and they searched from when they were nextel to present day. They said that they had no record of him ever having an acct with them and told us both to report it as fraud. I did cal

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